The Lunch Before Christmas

It’s a VEGAN feast!

Sunday December 24th
11.30AM to 1.30PM
2PM to 4PM


Vegan Feasting in June

We’re back for another day of vegan feasting!

Sunday June 25th
11.30AM to 1.30PM
2PM to 4PM

Vegan Feast #6

A banquet of Middle Eastern dishes, all vegan, all delicious!

Sunday March 26th
11.30 AM to 1.30PM
2PM to 4PM


Join us for a day of feasting on our favourite cruelty-free dishes from across the Levant!






Sunday February 26th
11.30AM to 1.30PM
2PM to 4PM

Christmas FUNction: A Journey Through the Middle East

Be transported to the Middle East this Christmas!

Saturday December 24th
6pm to 10pm

Another Vegan Feast

We’re back for another day of feasting! All vegan, all delicious!


Sunday November 27th
11.30AM to 1.30PM

Mother’s Day Vegan Feast

Feast on a selection of our favourite vegan dishes.

Sunday May 8th
11.30AM to 1.30PM
2PM to 4PM

Grow Day

We are doing the eats at Grow Day. A day for all things plant.

Saturday March 19th
9AM to 4PM

Vegan Feast II

If you missed out on our first Vegan Feast. Then fear not! We are having another one.

Sunday April 3rd
11.30AM to 1.30PM
2PM to 4PM

Stories of Food and Family at the Immigration Museum

Nonna to Nana have invited our superstar chef Jad to collaborate in a very special event at the Immigration Museum as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.


Sunday March 13th

Courtyard Cantina

We are going to be down at the Immigration Museum for the North South Feast West Courtyard Cantina.

Music, drinks and us.

Friday February 12th
5PM to 9PM